Reserve Funds

Secure funds now for pick up later

When you want to make sure that funds are available in the currency you want, then you should reserve it. Reserve USD, GBP, CAD, Euro, or KYD online and guarantee funds availability and the exchange rate.

How It works

Select Currency & Amount

Select the currency type and submit the amount you want to buy. All you need is your name, email address, and your mobile number. (For amounts of US$5,000 and above, please contact us at (888) FX TRADE (398-7233).)

Select Pick-up Location

Next, select the FX Trader location of choice for pick up. If that location does not have the amount of money or the currency you want, then search for and select another location that does.

Provide Your Info

Input your name, email, and telephone number. Click to place your order. Once your order is submitted, you’ll get two emails. The first email is your confirmation email with the transaction number. The second email tells you when the reserved funds are ready for pick up.

Pick Up Funds

Once you get the email that says your funds are ready for pick up, you can then go to the location you selected. When you get there, use the express service to collect your funds. You must go before closing as we can only hold your reserved funds until close of business at the selected location*.

Reserve Funds

Get foreign currency when and where you need it. Reserve funds for your convenience and guarantee funds availability.

Why Reserve Funds With FX Trader?



Just reserve the funds online from either your mobile or desktop and all you need is your name, email, and cell number.


Fast Service

There is no long wait. Reserve online and take advantage of our express service to collect your funds.

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Guaranteed Funds

Your funds are waiting for you. Collect on the day and you are guaranteed to get the funds at the location confirmed in your reservation email.


Anyone can reserve funds online as long as you have an email address and your cell number. When you reserve your funds before leaving out, you will always know where to go that will have the currency and the amount you need.

We keep the funds you requested until end of day at the location you selected. So, if the location closes at 6 p.m., once you get there before 6 p.m., we will have the money on hold for you. *Conditions apply.

You’ll need to walk with a valid government-issued ID and the transaction number from the confirmation email we sent you when you reserved the funds. You may also need to verify your source of funds.

You can pay for and collect your funds within an hour of receiving the confirmation email. Just remember that you need to collect it before the close of business at the location you choose.

If you need US$5,000 and above, please contact us at (888) FX TRADE (398-7233). For less than US$5,000, you can use the online reserve funds portal.