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Cash availability. Conveniently located outlets. Competitive foreign exchange rates. So, make the most of your money at FX Trader. Don’t settle for less when the largest network in the Caribbean is right here waiting to serve you.

Why Choose FX Trader

Do you want foreign currency transactions that are simple and convenient? Well, you’ll get that and more when you buy and sell your foreign currency with us.


Competitive rates

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Convenient locations

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Cash Availability

Travelling overseas?

Start your trip right. Stop at your nearest FX Trader location and get the foreign currency you need to make your trip a breeze. When you get back and have excess cash, get the best rates when you sell your currency to us.

Visiting Jamaica?

We are the convenient cambio service with excellent foreign exchange rates that gives you more value for your money. With convenient locations across the island, you’ll always be able to get local currency.

Transferring Funds Abroad?

Don’t limit yourself to high rates. If you’re making a payment overseas or transferring funds abroad, convert your money with us at better rates and we’ll wire it to your preferred destination overseas.

Need cash quickly?

Always get the cash you need when you want it. Cash is always available at FX Trader and you have over 45 locations to choose from.

Many Ways to Exchange


Over the counter

Visit any of our locations island-wide for quick service


Get a Cheque

Another convenient way to exchange


Over the counter

Visit any of our locations island-wide for quick service



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Get a Cheque

Another convenient way to exchange


Our foreign exchange rates are updated daily to reflect market conditions and remain competitive. You can check our rates using our currency converter on the homepage.

You need a valid government-issued ID and Source of Funds Information to conduct any transaction. Acceptable IDs include National ID (Voter’s ID), Driver’s Licence, Passport. We cannot accept expired IDs or work IDs. If you reserved funds, you will also need the transaction number.

We do it so that we comply with the laws. The Bank of Jamaica requires that all foreign exchange services collect information on source of funds from customers. We are not doing it to invade your privacy, and we keep your information secure.

You can buy or sell any amount of money at FX Trader as long as you have your valid ID and Source of Funds information.