Make the Safe Choice

For safer and more convenient ways to access foreign exchange services, you should choose foreign currency cheques at FX Trader. You can convert funds and get an international cheque payable overseas or a local cheque payable here.

How It works

Come in and pay

Visit one of our more than 35 locations islandwide to request a bank draft or local cheque. You can get cheques negotiable overseas in USD, CAD, and Pounds. Or, you can come in with any of our five major currencies and get a JMD cheque negotiated locally.

Provide the Recipient Details

You will need to provide the recipient’s full name or the company name, and any special instructions to prepare the cheque. We’ll also need the name of the person collecting the cheque. Download form

Collect Your Cheque

Once we get all the details and funds, we will prepare your cheque for you to pick-up. You can arrange for the cheque to be collected at our head office or at select branches of First Global Bank islandwide. Or, you can arrange for us to deliver it to you (conditions apply).

Get a Local or International Cheque

Make the safe and practical choice for your business and personal foreign currency needs. Enjoy better conversion rates for currency exchanges when you get a local or international cheque.

Why FX Trader for Your Cheques?



No need to worry about travelling with cash when you can get a cheque



Make it easier to do business locally and overseas with this trusted payment method



Exchange foreign currency cheques and transfer funds to local bank account & RTGS

FAQs – Local & International Cheques

International foreign currency cheques are bank drafts. They can be negotiated with any bank outside of Jamaica. Local cheques can be negotiated with any bank locally. You can come in with JMD and get a bank draft in USD, CAD, or Pounds. Or, you can come in with any of our 5 currencies (USD, CAD, Pounds, KYD, Euro) and get a JMD cheque. You may also come in with a cheque and we’ll convert and give you cash or wire to a bank account.

Foreign currency cheques are a safe way to travel with funds. Plus, you can use them to pay suppliers. With our better conversion rates, it works out more cost-effective to convert your funds and get your cheques done by us.

Yes, we accept foreign currency cheques which we can then convert to local currency or another of our 5 major currencies. We can also convert your cheque and do a wire transfer to 135 countries globally or to a local bank.

Yes, but our fees are competitive for this cost-effective solution for travelling with funds. Plus, when you convert your funds when getting a bank draft or encashing a cheque, you’ll do so at our highly competitive cheque foreign exchange rates.