About Us

In 1997, GraceKennedy Money Services (GKMS),  added its Bureaux de Change (Cambio) operation called FX Trader to its suite of services. Shortly thereafter, this service was extended to Trinidad and Tobago. GKMS started to take advantage of the opportunity the remittance business presented for foreign currency conversions. 

Today, FX Trader has become the leading cambio provider of foreign exchange services in Jamaica, and is gaining a foothold in Trinidad. 

Our FX Trader service facilitates the over the counter purchase and sale of (7) major foreign currencies:

In Jamaica  - the United States Dollar, Canadian Dollar,  Pound Sterling,  Euro, and Caymanian Dollar.

In Trinidad  - the United States Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Pound Sterling,  Euro, Eastern Caribbean and Barbados Dollar can be bought.

Why choose FX Trader? 
  • Great Rates
  • Convenient opening hours 
  • Superior support through our Call Center

 FX Trader Customer Care Numbers:

Jamaica      1-888-FX Trader (Mon-Sat)
Trinidad      1-868-625-3423 (Mon-Sat)